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How to get your own OculusRift Expierence in under 100$ and play any of your PC Games with Head tracking!

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So here we go again with another Tutorial for you guys, to get a little VR Expierence a little bit closer without to spent a half ton of HW devices that are by now in not completed state (there all kickstarter campaigns to be true!!!)


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Here’s what you need:

  • A Smartphone (only Android) we tested the whole process using Sony Z1 Compact, Z3 Compact, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 everything running nice. Everyone has a smartphone today, i know people say but what if i don’t got a android device here’s a small collection of cheap 60$ Devices that will run VR: LINK
  • A Google Cardboard + Lenses LINK , (Free Download Link + Instructions: or you can buy some on Amazon starting from 20$: LINK including the Lenses already!
  • An Extra Long min. 1.8m USB Micro Cable: LINK 10$
  • This Software for your Phone: 4.99$

  • This Software for your PC: TrinusGyreServer version state 24.11.2014 make sure to check back here for the latest version and more info! The Software is Freeware thanks to Developer: Xavier
  • A Controller Device for VR, the best by now is the Nintendo Wii Mote: LINK 22$
  • USB Bluetooth Dongle for the Wii Mote: LINK 3$

If you got any other Controller like the XBOX One for PC or the keyboard you don’t need the Wiimote and the Bluetooth Dongle!

Tested Games by now: Alien Isolation & The Evil Within working with no modification!

We told you it’s under 100$ 🙂


Setup the App:

Here’s a screenshoot from our Settings we used to play all Games and it worked like a charme.


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Here’s also the Official QuickGuide Video for the Server and Client Software:

Hier klicken, um den Inhalt von anzuzeigen

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 So our Opinion on this is, try it out if you already got a smartphone you will not spent a ton of money, and it is a really nice and fun expierience, to hunt this bloody Alien in a different type 😉 🙂


Here are the Proof of Concept Screens, we are working on a Video to get all together for you guys, stay tuned.



Official Links:

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What do you think?

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