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New Raspberry Pi 400 layouts

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Raspberry Pi 400 is now available with keyboard layouts for Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. You can buy these four new variants from our lovely Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers. Happy Friday!

How many layouts are available?

Raspberry Pi 400 hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet (remember the launch in November?), but at only 249 days old, it already has ten variants to choose from.

At launch, users could choose between English (UK and US), French, Italian, German, and Spanish keyboard layouts, and the new variants support Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. With a variant for Japan coming soon, Raspberry Pi 400 will soon be available with the same range of layouts as our official keyboard.

Top view of a woman's hands using the Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard and official Raspberry Pi mouse
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Can we see?

Here are the keyboard layouts of the four new variants, so you can take a closer look.

Swedish keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print SE

Users in Sweden can buy Raspberry Pi 400 with the new Swedish keyboard layout from our resellers Electrokit and RaspberryPi.dk.

Portuguese keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print PT

If you’re in Portugal, you can buy a Portuguese Raspberry Pi 400 from the good people at Robert Mauser Ltd.

Norwegian keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print NO

If you’re looking to purchase Raspberry Pi 400 in our Norwegian layout, RaspberryPi.dk can help.

Danish keyboard

Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard Print DK

And for those of you in Denmark, RaspberryPi.dk can ship you a Danish Raspberry Pi 400 too.

Let me see them ALL

All the keyboard layouts for Raspberry Pi 400 are available for your perusal from our Raspberry Pi Datasheets page.

That is a suspiciously neat desk

Which Raspberry Pi 400 do you have on your desk?

Website: LINK

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