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Remind-Ino is an alarm clock for everything

Reading Time: 2 minutes Arduino Team โ€” March 23rd, 2021 Who says an alarm clock just has to beep, or annoy you in the mornings? Certainly not MakeUnited, whoโ€™s put together an Arduino Nano verbal reminder project over on Instructables. His device lets you program a whole bunch of alarms that each play a specific MP3 file. The REMIND-INO […]

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Raspberry Pi-controlled brass bell for ultimate the wake-up call

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not one for rising with the sun, and getting more and more skilled at throwing their watch across the room to snooze their alarm, Reddit user ravenspired decided to hook up a physical bell to a Raspberry Pi and servo motor to create the ultimate morning wake-up call. DIY RASPBERRY PI BELL RINGING ALARM CLOCK! […]