Star Wars: Frames – Book Trailer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Get an inside look at the making of Star Wars: Frames, a new two-volume box set release from Abrams, featuring individual frames — selected by George Lucas himself — from every Star Wars film. According to Lucasfilm’s Howard Roffman, Lucas had the idea to look at the Star Wars films one frame at a time,…… Star Wars: Frames – Book Trailer weiterlesen

Geeks Who Might be Having a Really Bad Day

Reading Time: < 1 minutes No matter how bad your day might be going, you’ll never have to tell your boss that you toppled a $290-million satellite right onto the shop floor. Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is just one of the many geeks who might be having a really bad day.  

Genius Man Creates Ramen Beard Bowl on His Face

Reading Time: < 1 minutes With the help of his talented wife, a geek who goes by Mr. Incredibeard online, was able to shape his beard into a portable, leak-proof ramen bowl. I know, just last month we declared this guy to be the undisputed king of „beard glory.“ However, that’s because we never imagined a ramen bowl made of…… Genius Man Creates Ramen Beard Bowl on His Face weiterlesen