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RetroFlag GPi Case

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More than a simple enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Zero, this rather familiar-looking unit is a full-blown battery-powered gaming console that (just about) fits in the palm of your hand.

The RetroFlag GPi Raspberry Pi Case is an ideal size and has a fab IPS screen

Game on

The clever design of the RetroFlag GPi case replicates that of eighties handheld consoles, including a cartridge-like unit that slides out of the rear and is quickly disassembled to reveal space for a Raspberry Pi Zero. A very neat ‘pogo’ mounting system means no header or soldering is required: a Raspberry Pi Zero just slots in and pressure maintains the contacts. The reassembled unit then slots into the main body and you’re ready to go. You can even access the microSD card without removing the ‘cartridge’. Power is supplied by three AA batteries or a supplied USB cable.

A Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W fits snugly inside the RetroFlag GPi Case

Full and clear instructions are provided to install support for the gamepad buttons and also the on/off switch that provides easy and safe shutdown. We found the unit easy to assemble and had the retro games simulator RetroPie running in no time at all.

We were particularly impressed by the RetroFlag’s screen, which uses IPS rather than TFT to give a razor-sharp display from any angle without any of the common side-lighting issues. A small audio speaker is built-in, with the option of headphones. The case itself is injection-moulded, solid and beautifully made.


  • Dimensions: 
138×81×32 mm

  • Weight: 
138 g

  • Display:
 2.8-inch IPS

  • Powered by:
 3 AA batteries or USB

  • Compatibility:
 Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W (not Zero WH)


Pi Hut’s RetroFlag GPi is one of the best gaming cases we’ve seen. A great design, easy assembly and, most of all, great fun to use. An essential 
purchase for any retro gamer.

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